Peter Baffles - click to see larger picture
Celebrity chefs
Rick Stein &
Brian Turner
were amongst the guests entertained by Peter Baffles at The Angel Inn, Heytsbury, Wiltshire on 20 July 2008


Peter Baffles - click to see larger picture
Peter Baffles and
his famous
bubble-gum machine




"Another familiar face is magician Peter Baffles, whose expression wavers
between bemusement and impish satisfaction when he concludes a trick.", 30 October 2008

"This is Baffles at his best - the droll delivery an engaging foil for some very sophisticated magic. His amazing rope trick held the audience in his spell, as did picking a card from a virtual card pack and levitating a seemingly weightless table."

"Peter Baffles genuinely amazed with his well-crafted magical skills. Great tricks were backed by good lively banter.", 31 October 2008

"We invited Peter along to entertain guests at two different parties which were held to mark the opening of our new office. Both times he mingled seamlessly amongst the guests in his smart attire, charming those that had been left unattended and amazing them with myriad card tricks. Peter’s skills were very well received."

Peter Metcalfe, Rathbone Investment Management, Exeter, July 2008

"We recently enjoyed an evenings entertainment at the Bristol Marriott on the 19th of April, when a cheque for £2,189,669 was handed to the RMBI. Peter Baffles helped to make the evening a complete success with his charming smile and his trickery entertained over 380 guests.  We look forward to seeing him again. Thank you."

Sandra and Stuart  MacKendrick 2008

"The easy style and slightly bemused expression of Peter Baffles swings wryly between quiet confidence and surprise. His gravity-defying levitating table trick was a piece of finely polished illusion."

Roger Malone, The Stage Online, 27 February 2006

"Aberacadabra comes from Peter Baffles, whose self-deprecating style makes a nice counterpoint to the impressive magic. "

Roger Malone STAGE, December 2005

"More comedy comes from PETER BAFFLES, who lives up to his name with some clever illusions".

Bob Fox Encore Reviews Service December 2005

"Peter Baffles conjures both comedy and spellbinding sleight of hand in his highly original magic act - in particular the invisible card trick involving a member of the audience".


"The expertise of theatre veterans Andy Oakley and Peter Baffles ensures that everything runs smoothly. With their ridiculous routines and jokes and amazing magic they are at home on stage".

Abi Parkes, November 2005

"Remarkable Torbay Illusionist Peter Baffles has just returned home after a two week holiday in Las Vegas with his fiancee Xee. Whilst there, Peter met up with the zany magic duo Penn & Teller and he also demonstrated his astonishing invisible pack of cards trick to several of America's best-known close-up illusionists, all of whom were completely bamboozled."

David Lowe, What's on South West, April 2003

"Another clever trick was to scoop comedy magician Peter Baffles. A calm and gentle character, with a glint in his eye, he was a perfect complement to the fast-moving upbeat evening's programme. The audience participation was a joy to watch and the use of live birds in his act added a real 'ahh' factor"

Kathy Luxton, Torbay Weekender, November 2002

"In my 40 years in the business, he's probably the best close-up magician I have ever seen. And what's more, he's funny with it."

David Lowe, Torbay's "Herald Express", March 2001.

"Normally I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to any kind of magic, but I take my sorting hat off to Peter Baffles (now there's a name for a magician), who managed to make an entire cage of doves disappear and turn a dove into a duck in the blink of an eye."

Magic of the Movies, Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay